About Us

Our Mission

At Better Faster Buildier Ltd, our mission is to provide our customers with affordable, modern homes of outstanding character and superior construction that are built to your specification in the shortest time possible. To do this we aim to provide the best service in everything we do from design, to manufacture to building.

Expertise and experience

Our highly qualified team have many years’ experience working within the timber frame building industry. We are experts in designing, manufacturing and building, providing our customers with a first-class service that makes building your own home much easier and stress-free.

Building you a better home

There is constant innovation taking place in house building industry and we ensure that we provide our customers with the most advanced materials, cutting edge components and contemporary building techniques available.

By using these innovative materials, components and techniques we are able to build comfortable and stylish homes that are easy to maintain and incredibly energy efficient.

Saving you money

Creating affordable housing is a priority across the UK and that’s why everything about our building materials and methods is designed to save you money without sacrificing quality. Many of the components and materials are less expensive to manufacture than purchasing traditional stone or bricks and, being much lighter, they are cheaper to transport.

As the parts are manufactured to fit together easily, construction time is reduced; enabling you to make significant savings on building labour – you need fewer people over a shorter time. As a result, the cost of our homes makes it much easier for people to get onto the property ladder or to afford the bigger home they need.

In addition, the energy efficient technology used in our construction means that you will also save money over the long term as there will be less need for expensive heating bills. On average, our buildings use 40% less energy than traditionally constructed homes.

Getting you moved in quickly

Building your own home can be costly if you have to rent alternative accommodation or pay two mortgages whilst you wait for your new home to be completed. Our homes are designed to be built much quicker than traditional buildings – up to 60% quicker. The materials we use are easier to construct and because we don’t have to wait for things like cement to dry, we can carry out multiple building activities at the same time.

Environmentally friendly

Our homes are designed to have a very small environmental impact. The materials and the construction methods we employ dramatically reduce the amount of energy you will need to keep your house warm. In addition, we use raw materials that are grown from sustainable resources and their lightweight nature means our transportation methods have a smaller carbon footprint.

First rate customer service

At Better Faster Builder, we understand how important your home is to you and how stressful it can be during a building project. This is why we strive to provide you with first-rate customer service.

Right from your initial contact with us, we are there to support you. We will give advice on design, construction and budget and will keep you constantly updated on our progress. Should we encounter any unforeseen problems we’ll do our utmost to put them right.

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