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House Design

Choose from a predesigned house or bespoke design

If you are looking to save yourself as much money as possible, you can dispense with the need for an architect by choosing one of our predesigned homes. We have a range of stunning designs to choose from and can adapt these for you if you require some changes.

If you want to create something more unique, we can work with your architect’s plans or our designers can help you create a bespoke design. If you would like us to design a house for you, all we require is some drawings of what you would like the house to look like. Our in-house designer will use these to produce a professional design for you - at a considerably lower fee than an architect.

We can also convert designs for traditional brick/block houses to timber frame designs, for which there is no extra charge.

When you purchase a new home from us, we will supply you with an electronic version of the plans for you to submit to the Local Authorities. (This does not include the Building Control drawings.) We can also help you preplan online applications if required. All our designs can be adapted to your Local Authority requirements.

Our standard price for a typical house design, without any alterations, is £780.00 (£650+VAT), payable by cheque or bank transfer. Internal, non-structural changes are included in the price. Changes requiring a new set of drawings and new structural calculations will be charged for separately. Please contact us for details.

Manufacture and Building

Self-Build Made Easy. We create the building. You create the interior.

Over the years, we’ve found that the vast majority of self-builders want to separate their home building into two phases. They want one company to design, manufacture and take care of the building’s construction and then, once that’s complete, they want a more hands-on approach when it comes to completing the interior.

We completely understand. So, here at Better Faster Builders, that’s exactly what we do. We design, manufacture and build superior timber frame homes and then we leave them completely weather-tight, ready for you to create your own interior space.

We can provide trusted sub-contractors to take care of the interior for you if you wish – but, to be honest, you could probably save yourself more money by doing some of the work yourself and getting your friends who are tilers, bathroom fitters and electricians in to help out. You can spend the money you save on better fixtures and fittings.

And by doing it yourself, you get to create all those personal touches that turn a new house into a unique new home.

Where does our service finish and yours begin?

Our work ends when the external construction is finished and the building is completely weather-tight. This means we will provide you with:

You will have responsibility for completing:

Weather-Tight Finish

BetterFasterBuilders Weather-Tight designed homes

Let us take care of your home's exterior!

Our Weather-Tight finished properties are designed for Self Builders who desire to finish the interior of their home themselves. Our aim is to offer the Self Builder the opportunity to not only save money but be in total control of the interior themselves by finishing it to their own preferred standard.

Many of our clients have friends or family with the necessary trades to complete the internal characteristics of a property or they simply just want to be in control of Project Managing the process themselves. By managing your own subcontractors you could save substantial amounts of money which could in turn be spent on more luxurious finishes and furnishings. It has never before been easier to find suitable recommended local tradesmen. Web sites such as: Check a trader, My Builder, TrustMark, Rated People, etc. list many tradesmen with exellent feedback for the previous work they have done.

What does Weather-Tight mean?

Look at a sample house and wall cross section

A fully insulated wall completed externally with the elevation of your choice

Tiled roof with fascias, soffits and gutters

Walls rendered, cladded or with brick finish

German Rehau treble glazed uPVC windows

All the interior aspects: Electrics, Plumbing, Plasterboarding are all in your control.

When opting for a Weather-Tight finish you acquire a Timber-Frame/SIPS structure completed in a relatively short time, usually a month. Of course our service does not have to end with a Weather-Tight finish only, we also have a number of trusted subcontractors who can help you finish your project should you need further assistance, such as suitable local electricians, plumbers, plasterers and decorators.

The most energy efficient and cost effective way of building a house is our Timber-Frame (SIPS) Structure that is fully insulated with additional 100-150mm external insulation (EPS, Mineral Wool) and finished with Coloured Silicate Render (German “Caparol” ETICS system). With ETICS, the WHOLE wall is just one piece of insulation with a wall U value of 0.13W/m2K.

All our KVH structural timber comes from Germany and Austria and is always ordered for a specific contract (with the project name on the order).

We offer 10 year Warranty (by Build Zone) on all of our structures (extra charge)

As standard we convert brick/block designs into our Timber-Frame (SIPS) for which there is no extra charge. If you would like us to design a house for you, all we require is a drawing or something similar. Our in-house designer can produce a design for any house at a considerably lower fee than an Architect.

Customer Support

Continued after-sales support

Once we have finished the building, we’re still available if you need any help or advice whilst you carry out work on the interior. We can also help you find local tradespeople and contractors if you need assistance.


We offer a 10-year warranty (by Build Zone) on all of our structures. There will be an extra charge for this service.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our customers that by purchasing your timber frame home with Better Faster Builder that you will:

We have complete confidence in our ability to deliver this guarantee, however, if you are not fully satisfied that we have, we promise to put it right.

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