Innovation in building technology and construction methods is changing the way that many modern homes are built today. In particular, timber frame housing has revolutionised UK home building – making it quicker, cheaper and superior to traditional brick and block construction.

Whilst timber frame construction is relatively new to UK house building, it is the predominant building technique used in Europe, USA and the rest of the world, with over 90% of houses being built using this method.

Design flexibility – the possibilities are endless

Whether you are looking for a traditional looking family house or an opened planned masterpiece that wouldn’t look out of place on Grand Designs, timber frame construction offers home buyers fantastic design flexibility - both internally and externally. There is a wide range of existing house designs that customers can choose from or, if required, our expert designers can help you create a bespoke home. Whichever you choose, we’ll make sure you get a home that is perfect for your plot size, your budget and your lifestyle.

Timber frame construction

Timber frame houses are constructed using a timber frame with highly insulated, weather-protected wall panels instead of traditional breeze block. This method of construction provides all the necessary structural integrity but with superior insulation. Just like traditional houses, this core structure is further weather protected and decorated by exterior cladding or brickwork.

The timber frame panels are made to measure, off-site, in our factory and then shipped, ready for construction, to the building site. Being precision made means the building phase is much easier and faster than with a traditional house, helping to dramatically reduce building costs.  

All our closed panel timber frames are built using the finest German structural KVH timber. We can also render our houses with up to an additional 200mm of EPS insulation on the outside, providing 350mm insulation in total. This makes our houses extremely warm and energy efficient. Our external insulation uses Caparol ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) finished with render.

Benefits of using timber frame construction

How does timber frame construction compare to traditional construction methods?


If customers require, instead of Timber Frame,  we can also use Structural Insulation Panels (SIPS) in the construction of our houses. 

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If you are looking for a home built to your own requirements, that is energy efficient, quickly constructed and much less expensive to build than a traditional house, get in touch today. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.